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The Quilt Show

Greetings quilting peeps,
The Paducah Quilt Show was really fun as usual. Although I do suffer from over-load - being around  all things quilty can be overwhelming!  Lots of people, too, and I'm not good with crowds any more. But can I stay away? NO! Came home with goodies. Found some feedsacks that were added to my collection.

It was sort of a wool meca.  Usually I buy wool clothing at thrift stores, take it apart and felt it.  Sometimes it is fun to just buy wool that is ready to use. I found one Moda scrapbag of wool and some other small bundles that will come in handy.  Also bought an assortment of needles that I can't find locally.  Milliners size 1 are supposed to be good for making stitches such as French knots, Bouillon stitch and cast on embroidery stitches on wool.  Size 10 Milliners needles have been recommended for English Paper Piecing. 

Above are some free things.  AQS gives you a bag of stuff when you join. I always renew my membership at the show when buying …

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