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The Paducah Quilt Show is next week! The on line bidding for my miniature is open now. Here is a link.  So much fun to be had during the quilt show. I will be looking for ideas for how to make a Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses quilt. Although I am late to this party, it is an intriguing quilt. I have made a couple of blocks out of feedsacks and find them very difficult.

Difficult in the sense of finding different feedsacks that have prints that will work together in the same block.  Feedsacks are very busy and finding combos that don't put your eyes out is not easy - at least not for me.  But the idea of taking something so common and elevating it appeals to me. No one excels at the use of feedsacks in quilts like Kathy Munkelwitz. I have been a fan of her work for years, but have never met her.
If you do an internet search of her name you will find pics of her quilts and even some free patterns.

On another subject - The Autoimmune Protocol. Debbie commented that the diets s…

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