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Time for a Change...

Hi all, above is a photo that I wanted to use as a new blog header.  Alas, the theme I liked on Blogger  came with a photo of a cat on a quilt.  So far, I have been unable to remove and replace it.  So, I like quilts and I like cats, and what the heck.  In fact, there have been cats in my life that looked a lot like that cat, so I will think of him or her as my virtual cat.  I will try not to think of all the time that was spent setting up my display and figuring out my camera settings, etc.  Anyway, in the photo I tried to give you some ideas of how to display doll quilts and miniature quilts.  My favorite is on little beds and there are four of them in the photo.  However, it is difficult to find little antique beds and they take a lot of room to display.  I don't leave mine out.  They just come out for presentations and lectures.  On the left is a child's vintage suitcase that I found at a thrift store one time.  Doll quilts really look cute rolled up and placed in it.  Yo…

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