Time for a Change...

Hi all, above is a photo that I wanted to use as a new blog header.  Alas, the theme I liked on Blogger  came with a photo of a cat on a quilt.  So far, I have been unable to remove and replace it.  So, I like quilts and I like cats, and what the heck.  In fact, there have been cats in my life that looked a lot like that cat, so I will think of him or her as my virtual cat.  I will try not to think of all the time that was spent setting up my display and figuring out my camera settings, etc.  Anyway, in the photo I tried to give you some ideas of how to display doll quilts and miniature quilts.  My favorite is on little beds and there are four of them in the photo.  However, it is difficult to find little antique beds and they take a lot of room to display.  I don't leave mine out.  They just come out for presentations and lectures.  On the left is a child's vintage suitcase that I found at a thrift store one time.  Doll quilts really look cute rolled up and placed in it.  You probably can't tell, but on the left (between the suitcase and the first little doll bed) there is a tiny quilt rack with a hexagon quilt on it.  There is a chest in the background on the left and draped over it is the first miniature quilt I ever made.  It is more of a doll quilt, but at the time I thought it was miniature!  The cake stand quilt over the back of the suitcase was the second miniature I ever made.  Again, it is more of a doll quilt.  I did use vintage and antique fabrics, but I mixed in some newer fabrics.  I have stricter standards for my Portfolio Series.  On the right in front of a doll bed is a tiny cedar chest. It has a quilt folded over the edge.  Usually it stays in the chest.  Of course you can always hang up a small quilt on the wall, as the Sunbonnet Sue is shown.  In front of it are two display cases with quilts and dollhouse sewing machines, etc.  This is a good way to display minis. They are protected from dust and they just look cute.  On top of a chest of drawers on the right is a basket that contains rolled up doll quilts.  Well, you get the idea - you can put them anywhere.
On to other things:
Jill - did you get my letter?  Let me know what you need.
Karen - the auction during the Quilt Show in Paducah is for quilts of all sizes and even things like antique quilt tops, etc.  I just throw my little guy in there with all the big kids.
Janet O. and Wendy - thanks for the kind words. I hope it does well in the auction.  It reminds me of throwing and party and wondering if anyone will come!
Jane, thank you for taking the time to comment here. The smallest patch in the sampler quilt was 1/4" square and was the pink cornerstones. 
Well that's about it from here.
Till next time......


Jane said…
All your quilts are amazing, Sheila! It must be so satisfying to be able to create true works of art. Hope you get the header picture problems figured out. Blogger can be so contrary!

Karen said…
Sheila, I felt the same as you about wondering if anyone would bid on a quilt I donated to a family reunion auction. Well, I knew someone would bid but I felt the bidding would not go very high. Many family members were older and limited income. To my surprise, it went for $850.
Jill said…
Beautiful and so creative as always!! Yes, I got it this weekend and I had my son set up my voicemail on my phone. Something that has needed done for almost a year now. I am going to email you the picture and ask your opinion. I will try to do that today, but I have a lot of running around to do so we will see. I am off to feed my barn full of animals and then to the kids school to help out. Better run, I hear the cows mooing..........
What a wonderful vignette. Your quilts are so sensational. And, you are brave to start a whole new format with your Blog. I can barely keep up the mine without changing a thing. Hope Gizmo doesn't think he has been replaced!
Debbie said…
YOur quilts are just beautiful! That cat in your header looks so much like my goofy Doofy cat. ;)

Be blessed!

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