Saying Goodbye

Today we had to put our beloved cat Gizmo down. He has been very ill and the kindest thing for him was to let him go. My heart is broken.
Till next time....


Karen said…
How sad for you to have to put a beloved pet down. A beautiful picture with your cat on the quilt.
Oh Sheila, I am so sorry. It is pointless to tell you he is in a better place for I know the pain you are feeling. My heart is with you. Wendy
I'm so sorry. It is never easy to say goodbye to a wonderful pet.
Jan said…
A pet's passing is so rough. I'm sorry you are going through this now.
Jane said…
So sorry Sheila. We had to put our little dog, Georgie, down a few months ago, so I understand your sadness.

So sorry for the loss of your beautiful kitty. Losing a pet is so hard - they are such good and constant companions. Hugs to you.
Jill said…
What a lovely picture of your Gizmo! So sorry for your broken heart. I so enjoyed hearing of the adventures you had with him. I loved the story of the harness you got for him. Didn't he escape from that?
Great memories and much joy he gave you.

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