National Quilt Museum Benefit Auction

Here is the quilt I just finished for the benefit auction this year.  It is 7.25" x 9" . The eight pointed star  blocks finish at 2.25" and the binding is . 125" . The fabrics are circa 1890. It is in the usual wooden display case. I hope to get it delivered next Wedsnesday. I noticed the Museum has items posted on line already.
Not much else to report from here. To tell the truth, the last quilt I made really caused me to burn out. Except for the above little guy, I have taken a break from miniature quilts. Other crafty things have been keeping me occupied. I will share some of them with you later.
Maybe I will see some of you at the Paducah Quilt Show this year.
Till next time...........


It's beautiful as always. I so love seeing your work. I am sorry to hear the last one gave you fits. I look forward to seeing the "other crafty things" you have been working on. And I think I spy a new kitty on your header. Very sweet. It is a goal of mine to meet up with you some day in Paducah or somewhere!
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