The Quilt Show

New additions to my feedsack collection, waiting to be starched and ironed..

Greetings quilting peeps,
The Paducah Quilt Show was really fun as usual. Although I do suffer from over-load - being around  all things quilty can be overwhelming!  Lots of people, too, and I'm not good with crowds any more. But can I stay away? NO! Came home with goodies. Found some feedsacks that were added to my collection.

It was sort of a wool meca.  Usually I buy wool clothing at thrift stores, take it apart and felt it.  Sometimes it is fun to just buy wool that is ready to use. I found one Moda scrapbag of wool and some other small bundles that will come in handy.  Also bought an assortment of needles that I can't find locally.  Milliners size 1 are supposed to be good for making stitches such as French knots, Bouillon stitch and cast on embroidery stitches on wool.  Size 10 Milliners needles have been recommended for English Paper Piecing. 

Above are some free things.  AQS gives you a bag of stuff when you join. I always renew my membership at the show when buying an admittance ticket. This year they included the book and the very nice Creative Grids ruler. They always include the tiny AQS pin, too.  One vendor was selling the small plastic clips and giving a sample. Quilters use them when sewing on binding and they are useful for holding your EPP pieces together. It has been in use since it came home with me.  My favorite thing is from the Red Thread Studio.  She gave the red plastic hexagon to me when I bought the #1 Milliners needles.  She was also very gracious and helpful.  Anyway, you can use it for a template, but it is also a value finder and the holes are for a thread holder.  How cool is that?  It is one of those: "why didn't I think of that?" things.

Not much modern fabric makes it way into my home these days, but couldn't resist the pre-printed redwork piece and tiny little prints packet by Primitive Gatherings.  Hobbs always has a booth selling 20" square samples of different battings. I bought 3 of their silk ones.  They are a great size for miniatures. The black case came from Tuesday Morning and not from the quilt show.  They have had several plain black sewing containers and I get them when I see them.  This one is for fat quarters.
Well, more to say about the quilt show on another day.  For now, I will just say good bye to a blog that I really liked - Thrift and Hope.  Jane has decided to end it after a long run.  No judgment from me on that. She stops by here and leaves comments and I hope she will continue to do so. Although we have never met, she seems like a friend and her writing style was so enjoyable. (Personally, I really liked it when she would go off on a rant about something. It was never mean and was always full of intelligent insights.) There is a phenomenon out there in blogland - some people feel compelled to leave nasty or hateful remarks on a blog.  Why would a person take the time to do that? I don't know.  Why not just cross that blog off your list if you don't like it  and move along?  Well, it says something about the person commenting and nothing about the blog they are trashing. My guess is that it all boils down to jealousy.  Just a thought. Jane, my dear, I wish all the best for you and your family.
Till next time..........


Oh what fun! I hope o get to Paducah one day. And thanks again for letting me know that my little quilt sold. I wish I could have bought yours! I am so sorry to hear about your friend's blog. I had only just found it through you. I can NOT imagine how anyone could leave a snarky comment. AS you said, "WHY BOTHER"? That is why I dislike Facebook. Too much drama. I only want to see quilts and pictures of my nieces and nephews!
You found loads of good stuff at Paducah! Such fun - I went last year and came home with way more than I needed, but it was a great trip! I agree on the comments - so many people hide behind their computer with nasty comments, and I think it's just wrong. It's just not that hard to be nice!
I used to attend the Paducah show but haven't in some time. I never failed to come home with goodies in tow. One of my favorite stops was the show at the Rotary. Glad you had fun.

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