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My own little quilt show.
The Paducah Quilt Show is next week! The on line bidding for my miniature is open now. Here is a link.  So much fun to be had during the quilt show. I will be looking for ideas for how to make a Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses quilt. Although I am late to this party, it is an intriguing quilt. I have made a couple of blocks out of feedsacks and find them very difficult.

Difficult in the sense of finding different feedsacks that have prints that will work together in the same block.  Feedsacks are very busy and finding combos that don't put your eyes out is not easy - at least not for me.  But the idea of taking something so common and elevating it appeals to me. No one excels at the use of feedsacks in quilts like Kathy Munkelwitz. I have been a fan of her work for years, but have never met her.
One of her quilts.
If you do an internet search of her name you will find pics of her quilts and even some free patterns.

On another subject - The Autoimmune Protocol. Debbie commented that the diets she has tried didn't work for her, but she was happy it did for me.  Well, I tried the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and the Candida Diets first.  They were about all that were out there years ago.  They helped.  But the AIP is the one that really got me back on my feet.  Do I still have symptoms? Yes, I do.  Some damage to your body is going to be permanent, but that doesn't mean the AIP doesn't work.  A reason it might not work for someone is the idea that it is a "diet" and Americans are consumed with "cheating" on their diets.  Well, if it is strictly an issue of calories, o.k., some cheating is not gonna kill you.  Cheating on the AIP will stop any health improvements dead in the tracks.  There is no cheating.  Inflammation in your body doesn't care if you are "good" 90% of the time.  It simply won't work. Period. I leave you with this thought: Dr. Terry Wahls put her severe MS into remission with her diet protocol and lifestyle protocol. She had the very best medicines and drs. available today and she healed herself with diet and lifestyle changes - not medicine. (Medicine today is aimed at controlling symptoms and not addressing the underlying cause of disease.)  If it worked for her, it will work for you. This is my last word on the subject.  If anyone has any questions, you can email me.
Well, that's about it for today.
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Jane said…
Beautiful, beautiful little quilts, Sheila! Well, if you find that quilt pattern difficult, it would be impossible for me. I like the look of the larger feedsack prints for the cross in the middle, it makes them look like a stained glass church window. I agree, the correct diet and health regime can cure you of your ills, but most people would rather eat what they want. It takes a real strong desire to want to get better to stick with it. Just like the comments I get about doing thrifty things, so many say they'd rather not, but still complain about the state of their pocketbook. Hope you quilt show goes well!

julieQ said…
I have read Terry Wahls piece, and it impacted me. Glorious quilts!!
I thought about doing the Lucy Boston in feedsacks too, but I have too many plates spinning right now. Let me know if you need any specific feedsack colors and I can send you some. I know your quilt will sell for a great price. Thanks for all you do for the museum. Your quilt is amazing! I have a small feedsack quilt in the auction right now too. I agree with you that Kathy Menkelwitz's feedsack quilts are fabulous. She always inspires me. I am so happy that the AIP system is working for you. Good health means everything! Thanks for a great post.

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