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Friday, October 10, 2014

A little of this and a little of that...

Hi to everyone,
Jill left a comment asking what I have been working on.  So, I thought I would show you.  By the way, Jill always leaves me a comment and I love hearing from her. She sent me photos of any amazing antique quilt she has and I want to blog about it soon.  Anyway, here goes:

A.  I knit a shawl with some thrift store yarn.  It is called a Mara Shawl and the pattern is by Amy Hendrix. Find the pattern at this website.  It is in other places as well. 
B.  You have to look hard to see the 2" bow tie block.  It is from a project that I did for Sue Reich.  I don't know if we are supposed to talk about it yet, so all I'll show is a block.  Have to say that it was a much larger scale than I am used to.
C.  A miniature quilt out of antique fabric for a fund raiser.  I have been inundated with requests this past year for items.  I have not made myself a portfolio quilt all year.  The one in this pic is not yet quilted. The white you see around the edges is batting.  The pieced border will be the finished edge. 
D. A new supply of knitted dishcloths was sorely needed around here.  Thrift store cotton yarns served the purpose here.  I used this pattern, except that for the red stripes I did a duplicate stitch instead of changing yarns.

I have to say that my knitting had been on hold for a while, because I have arthritis in my left hand and knitting bothers it quite a bit.  Then I came across these pain relieving patches at Walgreens and they seem to help quite a bit. 

Well that's about it for now. Till next time........

Monday, September 29, 2014

October Calendar Page

Here is the doll quilt for October.  I bought this one a long time ago.  It is not in wonderful shape, and it is very odd because the date of the top fabrics and the backing fabrics vary so much. 
It finally occurred to me that I have neglected to tell you that you can right click on the calendar and print it out.  Hopefully, you all knew that!
Other news, we just got back from a week long trip in our camper.  We went to Bennett Springs, MO so that my husband could do some trout fishing.  The weather was beautiful.  It was great to have my own kitchen and bed.  Gizmo (my cat) is doing better with the traveling, so that is good.
Well, till next time.............

Sunday, August 31, 2014

September Calendar Page

Hi to everyone out there in cyber space.
This month's doll quilt is a vintage 1930's one.  It is a sweet one, but not really remarkable in any way.  Probably done by a mother who took some time to make it, but didn't produce a masterpiece.  The back has two strips of blue fabrics - one on each long side - sewn to the plain muslin backing. I don't know if this was a design element or simply out of necessity.  I am thinking it was possibly a combo of both reasons.  She didn't have a large enough piece of muslin and decided to make it look nice by carefully adding the two perfectly straight strips. This was, after all, during the depression when everyone made- do.  I particularly like it when they "made-do" but made art at the  same time.  The binding is wide and curved, not mitered on the corners. The blocks are about 3.25" square, but vary a bit.  This quilt would be a snap to reproduce, although changing the unfinished size of the blocks to 3.5" square would probably be easier.
Well, that's it for today.
Till next time.........

Thursday, July 31, 2014

August Calendar Page

Hello everyone!  Happy August, almost.
Here is a doll quilt that I purchased at an antique mall.  The person who has the booth likes to make things and loves antique fabric.  I do not know who she is.  But I do know that this doll quilt was recently made even though it has antique fabrics.  How do I know?  Well, I just do.  One thing to look for when trying to determine if it is truly an antique doll quilt is the binding.  This binding has the tell-tale "new look" to it and it tells you that this is a piece of an old quilt that someone has recycled into a doll quilt.  I personally think that the maker should put a tag  (or a label would be even better) saying that it is a recently made doll quilt from an antique quilt.  Another thing to watch for is the scale of the piecing - you can readily tell that this quilt just looks like it was saved from something larger.  This is all right with me and the price was all right for the piece, so I bought it.  But, as the Roman saying goes, "Let the buyer beware."
Other news from here.
We have a new toy.  Here it is:

Excuse the strange grid that is appearing on the photos.  My husband took the pics with his phone, emailed them to me, I ran them through a couple of programs and this is what came out.  We saw this on the showroom floor and were smitten.  We have talked of having a camper for years and when we found this one, we knew it was just right.  It is small - what else would a miniature quilt person have, but a miniature house on wheels. 
Here is the floor plan:
Here are some interior views:
The table collapses and can be stored in an area under the bed.  The couch is in a small slide out.  We bought a small ottoman that has storage inside and the padded top flips over to a tray.  In a camper you want multiple uses for one item and since I like to put my feet up at night, the ottoman was a lucky find at Tuesday Morning.
This is our bed with a quilt we bought  - we didn't like the bedspread that came with the camper.  You can see our mirrored closets on each side of the bed.  At the foot of the bed is a cat toy, if you are wondering what the peak is.  You can see how small the camper is by seeing the bed in relationship to the range.  On the left is a tiny piece of the couch showing. 
Above is the kitchen range and sink.  We bought a cutting board that fits on top of the range to add some counter space.  To the left of the board is the actual counter space and it is in front of the tiny entertainment center.  You can barely see the flat screen tv, but it is there and it pulls out and swivels around, which is very nice.  That way you can see it from bed or from the couch. We also have surround sound.  It can be directed over the bed or over the couch or even outside.
A better view of everything - before we removed all the stickers.

All the doors you see in the background above.
And finally:

A little Coleman grill that pulls out from a special compartment outside.  They thought of everything!
Well, that is our new baby, wish us well on our journeys.
Till next time......

Monday, June 30, 2014

July Calendar Page

Here is a sweet little antique doll quilt that we found at an antique show.  I honestly don't remember if I posted it before or not.  If I did, it is worth a second look, I think.  I suspect that a mother made this for her daughter, as the work is so well done.  It is a simple quilt and the quilting is not elaborate, but it was made with care.  The backing is a lovely little print that is a good match for the fabrics in the top.  All in all, it is very sweet and a happy addition to my  collection.
Other news - after much testing, it seems that I was suffering from a bad flare up of my old friend IBS.  The specialist that saw me prescribed some medicine and it helps, but it has side effects.  It is making it hard for me to focus on things and I am behind in some fund raising projects.  The doctors would think you are crazy to mention that sort of connection with your brain and your digestive problems, but believe me it is real.  This week I am going to force myself to focus and get something done!
Till next time..............

Thursday, May 29, 2014

June Calendar Page

Hi all,
Can you believe June is almost here?  I can't.  The older I get, the faster time goes by.  I have been working on some quilty fund raiser things, but mostly my time is spent going to the Dr. and getting tests.  What a bother.  Let's see if I get a definitive answer to some long term health issues.
About the above quilt.  It is a doll quilt I made quite awhile ago.  It was before reproduction fabrics were so available.  Back then you had to scramble to find fabrics that looked "right."  Much easier these days, that's for sure.  I started quilting in about 1986 and over the years there isn't much I haven't given a shot.  So, English Paper Piecing was a method that seemed interesting.  (It is currently making a huge resurgence with people doing hexagon quilts.) It is a method that is very accurate, but I don't enjoy doing it.  It takes too much time.  People ask me about hand piecing and the time it takes, but I have to say that for me it is much faster than any other method for making doll and miniature quilts.  It always seemed to me that two quilts could be made in the time it took to make one English Paper Pieced one.  But, as I have observed before, that's the wonderful thing about quilting - there is something for everyone!
Till next time.........

Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Calendar Page - A Little Late!

Well, May hit before I knew it!  I have been recovering from the AQS Quilt Show in Paducah.  What fun and the weather was wonderful.  Remember this little guy?:
I am happy to report that it sold for $400 and I am thrilled and happy to help raise money for the National Quilt Museum.  It was sort of the "what if I throw a party and no one comes" type of thing - what if I put this miniature on the auction block and no one wants to buy it!?!  
Other museum news - I gave a miniature to Gerald Roy and he has just donated it to the museum and so now I have 2 quilts in Paducah - hooray! (Keeps it even with IQSC&M, as they have two, also.)  It is a four block applique with pieced border that I neglected to name.  He called it Scherenschnitte, as it is a folded paper cut work thing. I thought I kept a photo, but can't locate it right now.
Well, that's it for now........

Friday, March 28, 2014

April Calendar Page

Well, here we are with April almost here!  This month's quilt is one that I made quite awhile ago.  I consider it to be a doll quilt.  The blocks are 3.25" square. I embroidered a different hatband and cuff on each one.  You will notice that in the second row the third Sue from the left is facing the opposite direction of all the others.  This was a tribute to a quilter who, amazingly enough, had not only reversed her Sue, but had embroidered her name backwards on a quilt top that I owned at one time.  Here is the part I love:  the other quilters included it in the top anyway.  Of course the whole thing never got quilted, but who knows why. 
  I would like to thank you for your kind comments and well wishes for my health.  I am doing much better now and hope to continue to improve.  Art Linkletter once said that old age isn't for sissies.  He wasn't kidding!
Till next time........

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I don't buy contemporary fabrics any more.  It was a very hard thing to do - to quit buying all the wonderful reproduction fabrics available today.  They just get better every year, don't they?  But after being very ill a few years ago, I decided that I wouldn't live long enough to use it all and had to let that part of my quilt making life go.  As you know if you read this blog, I make miniature quilts out of antique fabrics.  Period.  O.k., I made an exception for the quilt of the week thing that Barbara Brackman did a while back.  She has been so important to quilting, that I just wanted to join in.  (That quilt still isn't quilted, by the way.  I mean to work on it every once in awhile, it just slips my mind.)
However, having said all this, there is one thing that I can't quit collecting and that is feedsacks.  Yep, I love them.  My collection really slowed down due to the prices.  My husband laughs and says, "I remember when you would only pay $1 each or $2 if it was special."  Well, in the Midwest those days are long - and I mean long - gone.  But recently I found a really good deal on them in an antique store and wound up with 41 of them.  Whoever originally squirreled them away was someone who really intended to use them, as she had 5 of one pattern, 4 of another, and 3 of some and 2 of some.  I was thrilled to find them. 
Speaking of being ill, I just got over a bad cold and am still getting over pancreatitis.  It was not fun.  I have autoimmune diseases and there is a form of pancreatitis that is caused from your immune system running amok. Oh, goodie, another one!  I have been following a special diet for a long time and it is restrictive.  I have decided to go with the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol for now.  The first 30 days are pure torture, but I am hoping this is the right path.  I pretty much bottomed out mentally when I was sick and thought that it would be impossible to give up even more foods, but other people do it, so it must be do-able.  It is frustrating to try so many things to get healthy and then wind up being sick.  But you have to pick yourself up in order to go down the right path when you find it. I would ask that all of you in blogland keep a good thought for me and say a prayer that this path is the correct one.  Thank you,

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Antique Amish Doll Quilt for March

Here is the prize of my antique doll quilt collection.  Isn't this a little gem?  I absolutely fell in love with it when I came across it in an antique booth.  It is made of wool, wool blends and cottons and has a cotton flannel batting.  It was definitely made by a child.  It is in excellent condition.  I just had Gerald Roy appraise it and he loved the use of color in it and thought it was a remarkable find.  We are thrilled with it.
Speaking of Jerry, he brought a copy of his new book to show us.  It is the book to accompany an upcoming quilt exhibit consisting of 60 quilts from the Pilgrim/Roy collection at the Fine Arts Museum in Boston.   Here is the cover of the book.  It is not out yet, but I will be getting it ASAP.   

Quilts and Color
What I like about this book is that it gives you a brief description of a color theory and then has the quilts to put that theory into practice.  The photos of the quilts are wonderful.  I asked Jerry if the colors were true to the quilts and he told me that they were perfect.  It is a lovely book. 
Well, till next time..........