Books and Fabric - The Big Two

Hello everyone,
Well, Edward R. Hamilton Booksellers hit me again. They recently sent out their catalog devoted to crafty things.  I was a goner.
First up is this book by Janneken Smucker.

She was the Keynote Speaker at the American Quilt Study Group Seminar in 2015. I was thrilled to have been there to hear her.  She is a lovely young lady with a PHD in History of American Civilization and a MA in Textile History.  She gave a wonderful presentation about David Pottinger. He was a business man from Indiana who put together a collection of Amish quilts.  This book, however, is much broader and should be on every quilt history buff's shelf.  It was published at $36.95 and offered by ERHB for $9.95.  What a deal for such an important book.

Next up is this book:

Quilts in Red and Green and the Women Who Made Them. It was written by Nancy Hornback and Terry Clothier Thompson.  It is a nice book with full applique piece patterns and the pages feature photos of antique needlework items.  What's not to love? It was published at $24.95 and offered for $4.95.  What could I do? It had to be mine!I

Last, but not least, is this book:

Drafting for the Creative Quilter by Sally Collins.  What a talent that lady has.  Since my college education was Drafting and Design, I was interested to see how it was presented in this book.  We were not drawing quilt blocks in college, that's for sure.  Untold hours of my life have been spent drawing machine parts as a job.  And, no, it wasn't that much fun.  Anyway, back to the book, it's good.  Very precise (if you have seen her work, you wouldn't expect any less) and to the point.  Plus you get to see some really nice photos of her quilts. If you are a quilter, you need this book.  There is nothing like designing your own quilts.  Published at $29.95 and offered for $3.95.  What a steal!

Before I leave you with a photo of some new fabric, some words for my blogging friends.
Jill - A late congrats on being the co-chair of the AQSG Challenge quilts this year.  You will do an exceptional job, no doubt.  Hope to see you in person some time this year.
Shout out to Jane at Hope and Thrift Blog,  You have a great blog and anyone interested in thrifty living - and who isn't these days - should drop by and see what you have to say.  Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments here.
Wendy Caton Reed - thanks for taking time out from your quilting and stopping by. Hope to meet you in person one of these days.
Janet O. and Connie - The valentines brought back nice memories for you both. Isn't it funny how important they can be to us. They are truly timeless.
O.k., here is a half yard of 1860's madder red fabric. It would not be out of place in a Red and Green quilt in the above mentioned book.

 It came in the mail one day, and what a nice surprise! Vern ordered it from my friend Mary Koval. She offers antique quilts and fabrics on line, but I try not to go there and be tempted.  Vern, however isn't so easily tempted and only gets the really good stuff.  I would want it all - yes, I am that shallow.
Till next time............


Jane said…
Books and fabric, can't wait to see what you do with those two! Love green and red quilts, especially the basket blocks. There's a quilt in those colors on the Country Sampler blog that I've been drooling over for years. If only I had your talent!

OH my yes, we are suckers for good books. I do hope you will be able to venture to NH this fall for the AQSG seminar. I went to all of them in the early years, but life got busy and I haven't been to one since 2006. Can't wait to go and I hope to finally meet you in person!

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