The New England Quilt Museum

A miniature quilt I made some time ago.
 I made it for this sweet little antique folding bed.
 It is sitting on an antique doll quilt in my collection.

A close up of the bear I made from a Gail Wilson pattern.
My hand is actually resting on the bed, so that you
can get a sense of scale to the bed and quilt.

At the AQSG Seminar this past Sept., I met Pamela Weeks.  She is the curator for the New England Quilt Museum.  She asked me if I would let her show some of my miniatures for an exhibit that is going on now. I let her pick four of my quilts.  She chose these:

I sewed them onto a black drape and shipped them off to her. (That's scary business, as I never usually let any of them out of my sight!)  But Pam was such a nice lady and I enjoyed talking to her so much, I let her borrow them. The exhibit is called Small Wonders and is on display now.  I am honored to be part of it. (You can also visit the Museum's blog.)
The photos at the beginning of this post have nothing to do with this exhibit.  Seeing the cute little doll beds on line at the museum, made me dig this little guy out and take a pic. Miniature quilts are really at their best when they are on a little bed, I think.
Well, that's if for today.
Till next time..............


Janet O. said…
Stunning miniatures! Love your work.
Jill said…
Well, there is a miniature I have not seen sweet and the little bear too.
Judy Dietrich said…
I agree that the quilts look best on a little bed. The pillow really adds to the set!! What is the edging on the quilt? Rickrack? I wish I could go see the show---your quilts will be well received by the viewers!! Thanks for sharing

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