Needlework Thing

This is a pincushion that I just finished. My embroidery skills were a bit rusty. When I was a little girl, embroidery was the first sewing I tried. My father helped me draw a little fish with bubbles coming out of its mouth -my design- on dish towels. My mother helped me embroider them. They are long gone, but the memory remains. I have had a needle of some sort in my hand ever since. The pin cushion was a kit that came from a thrift store. I think it was a dollar.
A Google search revealed that it was designed by Elsa Williams. Her kits are very collectable now. She was a huge force in needle arts for decades. She opened the Needlecraft House in West Townsend, Massachusetts in 1950. It was a school for all things that employed a needle. She hosted a four day exhibit of heirloom quality items in 1966.  Her kits were known to have the best quality materials. She wrote books and was also invited to design a piece of crewel work for the Whitehouse. I didn't know any of that when the little kit crossed my path. I just knew I liked it. It will go on a self with my small collection of antique sewing items. It is just for show. I am more of a function over form girl when it comes to items to use. I love the pretty little needle books that you see, but the one I made for myself is very plain.
This is a 2" x 3" ( approx.) piece of black chipboard with the same back cover. It has wool sheets inside with an album post holding everything together. The heart is beeswax  which is held on with a long pin that has a circle at the top that goes around the post.
Here it is spun open. I made cloth labels for each type of needle and sewed them to the bottom of the wool sheets.
The second to the last sheet has pockets sewn on to hold yarn needles. The last page has pockets to hold needle threaders. I used a different color wool for each needle type. None of the other needle books I have tried had enough room for all the needles and pins I like to have handy. So far so good with this one.
Almost forgot...Here is a photo of a hoop I used to embroider the pincushion. I got it somewhere - don't remember where...
It really did not slip and I liked it.

I leave you with a very poor photo of Gizmo with a St. Patrick's Day hat. He was not very cooperative. Guess he just wasn't in the mood. Have a great holiday.


Well, your embroidery skills don't look rusty to me. This is beautiful!
Jane said…
You're not going to believe this Sheila, but I have that exact same kit. I finished embroidering it but never finished it. You make me want to dig it out and complete it. I agree with Wendy, your embroidery skills do not look rusty at all. Maybe the luck of the Irish wasn't with Gizmo when he discovered his outfit for the day. He's cute, none the less! Happy St. Patrick's day!


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