Two Types of Doll Quilts

Recently we attended an auction.  There were 500 cataloged items to be auctioned and then there were the tables that had lots of stuff that would go last.  Guess where the doll quilts were....  Yes, a very long day, indeed.  But these little gems were worth waiting for, I think.  The one above was either made by a child or by an adult with impaired sewing skills.  It is a charming little piece and has very strange machine quilting on it.  It is very heavy.  I suspect the tan was once green and the quilt has been well loved and used. I would date it around 1900.

The second quilt is very sweet, although there is nothing really outstanding about it.  It does have very nice hand quilting and the binding is nicely applied.  The charming thing to me about it is that a mother or some other adult took the time to make such a nice little piece for a little girl.  It has been loved, but in a somewhat gentler way than the first.  I think 1900 would be a good guess for this one as well.
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Karen said…
I have not been to an auction in a long time, at least the kind you went to where you had a list of items to be auctioned. You did good.
Jan said…
So sweet; I would have waited, too!
Lady Locust said…
Don't you just love them? They are beautiful.

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