Our New Redwork Quilt

While we were waiting for the doll quilts in my previous post to be auctioned, # 234 of the 500 items was listed as:  "Lg. Hand Embroidered Red and White Quilt."  We were shocked when we saw it.  I expected cross stitch blocks from the not too distant past and this big beauty turned up.  It is approximately 90" square, which is large for a redwork quilt.  It is fairly heavily hand quilted, which is not always something you get in this genre.  Often they were not really quilts, but rather just coverlets with no batting and backing.  As I have mentioned before, we don't purchase many antique quilts.  They have to be special - at least in our opinion - and this one fit that requirement.
The blocks are about 14" square and there are 16 of them.  I like the way the maker filled each square with a pleasing amount of work.  If she had a center motif, she filled in the corners with a design. 
She put a large embroidered border around three sides of the quilt, too.  It is a true border design and not just blocks put together - it has a flow to it. There are corner blocks, however.
Then she hand crocheted a white edging and finished it off with just a touch of red. 
Redwork quilts have never been high on our list of quilts, but this one was appealing to us and we feel it exemplifies the best that the trend had to offer.  We feel lucky to have found it. Merry Christmas to us!

P.s.  If you are wondering why I am suddenly blogging so much, it is because I am supposed to be cleaning my studio and doing Christmas cards and I'm not really "feeling it."  Much more fun to spend time on my blog.......Also, we have had ten inches of snow on a deep layer of ice for a week now and more to come tomorrow.  Perhaps there is a little stir-craziness going on here.
Till next time......



Karen said…
An unusual redwork quilt. What a good find. And a good Christmas treat for you. I like the border and edge treatments. With these and the quilting, truly a special find.
Jill said…
What a great quilt! I would have bought that in a heartbeat as well.
What a beauty, Sheila! I can see what drew you to it. The crocheted edge a beautiful finishing touch to the quilt. Always enjoy seeing your finds!

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