A Free Book about Sewing Machines

A visit this morning to Bonnie Hunter's Blog told me about a free Kindle book.  Go to her blog, enjoy her latest quilt piecing project, and scroll down to read about this book:
If you have a Kindle, you can download it for free.  A big thank you to Bonnie Hunter for passing on the info that someone sent her.  You have to love quilters and their blogs.  As I have mentioned before, I can't get enough sewing machines.  When we went to Ohio, to a tiny apartment, I thought a Featherweight would be the machine to take.  You know, small and cute.  Well, when I was faced with hemming jeans, it was a real problem.  And I have to admit I missed having a zigzag.  Singer made zigzag attachments, but let's face it, a much nicer stitch is obtained when the needle moves back and forth and not the fabric.  Anyway, I was at an Habitat for Humanity Restore close to our Burton home, and they had the machine in the photo at the top.  I recognized it as a Kenmore that was made by Janome and it looked brand new.  Next a glance at the price and some quick ciphering, as it was on sale and I came home with a sweet little machine for $28.  Is there a catch, you ask, why yes there is. It doesn't have a stitch length adjustment.  Ha.  I have never seen a machine where you couldn't control the length of stitches.  You can have a small, medium or large straight stitch or zigzag.  You can have one size satin stitch or blind hem stitch or multiple zigzag stitch.  You can drop the feed dogs and make a buttonhole, but I have never done either.  Although it is strange, it makes a really nice stitch - although limited in length - and seems to have all the good qualities of a Kenmore-Janome.  I am currently using it to zigzag around the edges of flannel squares from an old sheet  that I am using for this:  homemade cleaning wipes.  I have made them before and keep a container in the bathroom for quick clean ups.
Well, this post is a little bit all over the place.  Go get your free book for your Kindle and enjoy. (I have a Kindle Fire and absolutely love it.)
Till next time......


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