Quilts from the Arlan and Pat Christ Collection

Hello, hello out there in blogland!
Recently I got to attend a gathering where the Christs brought some of their civil war era quilts to share with us.  Pat and Arlan kindly gave me permission to post photos.  A word about them - I had to severely crop them to eliminate photos of people.  The quilts were displayed flat on a table and we were all gathered around the table, so I can only give you snippets of the actual quilts.  Also, there is no text to accompany them, but I did put them in sort of an ornament style, so think of them as virtual Christmas ornaments from me to you...........  If you ever get a chance to attend a showing of the Christ's quilts, run don't walk,  to see them.

Till next time..................


Lady Locust said…
They are all so beautiful, picking a favorite would be like trying to pick which piece of chocolate to try first - just a dreadful dilemma:)
What a treat!
Dawn said…
Thank you for sharing. I saw one of their exhibits and it was fantastic.
What at treat it must have been to see these quilted treasures in person! I love how you framed them in ornament shapes. Very clever! Thank you so much for sharing them with your friends in blogland. If I don't talk to you before, have a lovely Christmas!

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