WIPS Oct. 2011

Well, if there is a finish (see the previous post), you know there is something in the works.  Here's what's cookin':

1.  The Miniature Bethlehem Star - I'm quilting it now. The fabrics are ca. 1840's - the oldest in my stash.
2.  A four block cut work needle-turn applique with pieced borders -  more borders to come.  It features one of my favorite ca. 1870's fabrics - double or Lancaster blue on a solid orange ground.
3.  A tumbler charm quilt out of ca. 1870's calicoes.  This is just a little project that I work on when I am stumped or between projects.  Sort of a little fill-in type thing. 

As usual, if you click on the picture, it will enlarge.  There is a quarter by the number 2 for scale.

Just a note here:  when I spoke to the NWPA group, Jill asked me how I collaged my photos for the WIPS.  Well, I just toss them on the scanner and import the scan to The Print Shop program and add the numbers, etc.  Easy, peasy.
Till next time...


Jan said…
You don't mess around! Only beautiful quilts for you!!
Nancy said…
Absolutely beautiful! I like the applique one best (probably that gorgeous blue), but they are all prime!
Karen said…
It is always a treat to see what you are working on. And it is always something with tiny pieces that would try my patience.
Jill said…
Loving that new little beauty, the tumbler charm quilt. What a great idea for between projects. It looks like those little tumblers are about the size of the quarter (or are they smaller than that)??? I do love how make those collages and it is just so simple. Thanks for sharing your quilts with us.

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