The NorthWest Pennsylvania Quilt Study Group

On this past Saturday,  I was invited to give an informal presentation of my miniature quilts to the NW PA Quilt Study Group. You can visit their blog  here .  This is a small group of ladies that are wonderfully enthusiastic about quilts.  They are lively, attentive and very gracious.  It was an honor to be asked to speak and it was lovely to meet the group.  I have followed their blog from the beginning.

We met in a pretty room at the Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania Library.  This is a small group, but they are very busy recruiting speakers and teachers.  In short, they are "go-getter's" in the best sense of the term.

It is my understanding that Jill (shown standing and ready to help) and Judith (not shown)  are not the group leaders, but rather the group "instigators."  No matter what their titles, both of them are truly lovely, personable, and fun ladies.  I would have had more photos to share, but someone - that would be me- forgot to put the memory card back in the camera.  So, that is why there is no photo of Jill, Judith and myself standing together. Judith presented me with a gorgeous pottery piece from Campbell Pottery. The photograph to the left doesn't do justice to the piece, as the flash put strange colors in the blue. It will serve as a reminder of  a fun day spent with some kindred spirits.  My thanks to all the ladies for making Saturday a memorable day for me. 
Till next time.....


Jill said…
Yes indeed, a delightful day we had!!! Thank you again for coming and sharing your masterpieces with us. The energy in that room was so high, everyone was having so much fun. We laughed, we were inspired, we received some great tips and advice and we were entertained. Truly a wonderful day!
It was also nice to meet Vern and chat with him. What a great supporter of your work, he is.

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