Re-thinking the Brackman Project

It's always risky business to start a project when you don't really know what it will entail.  I had thought to do this Brackman BOTW in 2" block sizes, but that is proving to be way too time consuming.  Right now I have too many irons in the fire.  Does that mean I am quitting? Nope.  Just going to switch to a 4" block and hopefully that will speed things up.  Also, I'm going to use Moda fabrics from Barbara Brackman lines, with the exception of a plain background fabric and that's because that is what I had on hand.  Using antique fabrics is difficult for a lot of reasons.  No nice little square packets of them like the Moda Charms in the above photo.  Lots of digging, taking apart old quilt blocks in all sorts of conditions, soaking and so forth.  You get the idea. 
Working with fabric is my first love, but working with paper - especially brown Kraft paper - is a close second for me.  So, since I have to write everything down any more because my memory isn't very great, I thought why not make a little journal to go along with this quilt project.  Just a place for notes and thoughts as the project goes along.  Think it will take me awhile to catch up with all the blocks.  Ahh well.


Miriam said…
I love your idea of the journal!
It is always hard to backtrack but it sounds like you are making a great decision for you! I can't wait to see the 4" blocks!
Karen said…
A 2" block sounds like something way too time consuming and maybe too small to see the block design well. A 4" inch size sounds more do-able.
Jill said…
Great idea to keep a journal of your progress. After seeing the seven sisters block in the 2" scale and imagining how time consuming that must have been...I can see why you are switching to 4" blocks. Can't wait to see them!
Lisa said…
Your journal is gorgeous Sheila. You certainly have a way with paper! I think the 4" will be more doable, especially as the blocks get more difficult. You'll catch up fast.

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