Petite Prairie Journal Issue #3

It is always difficult to give advice on how to do something when you don't really know what the person is trying to do.  However, that didn't stop me, as you can see.  I just drew the above block quickly as an illustration of a block with a curve.  I don't know if it has a name or not.  It probably does, as there really isn't much quilting stuff that is truly new.  It has all been done before, although it might be in a bit different form.  Anyway, I use Quilt Pro a lot.  Most people use Electric Quilt.  I use both, but it is my opinion that for most people EQ is more user friendly.  Plus, I like the templates it has better than Quilt Pro's.  I don't have the latest version of either and really don't find it to be a problem.  These programs are by far the easiest way to print out templates for the size block that you want.  Second easiest, is to use a copier.  Third easiest is to draw it yourself.  The thing about drawing them yourself is that you really get to know what you are doing and understand quilt blocks.  Drawing quilt blocks is easy.  (I had a job drawing automobile gaskets once and that was not easy.  Or terribly fun.)  Quilt blocks are simply a grid.  Period.  Draw your grid and fill in the blanks with shapes that you want.  People try to make it harder than it is.  Hope this helps. 


Jill said…
Thanks so much, it does help a great deal. First off, I have put EQ on my wish list and will be reminding my husband of that wish often. Secondly, yesterday I used my copier and reduced until I got the size I think will work. I hope to make a test block this next week to see if I like it. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

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