Caught up!

I am very happy the decision was made to go with 4" blocks and modern Moda fabric.  So much easier and quicker to do.  It is a fun project now and before it had turned into a difficult nightmare of sorts.    Quilters have a way of not wanting to abandon projects they have started, but I got over that a long time ago.  Quilting for me is supposed to be fun and if a project turns into something decidedly not fun, I move on.  That doesn't mean I won't find a way to recycle it, but I won't keep torturing myself with it. Below is a rather bad photo of row no. 1 for this project.  I got caught up on it this week because I have a nasty cold and have felt pretty much like not doing anything, so I sat and hand pieced.  It's always a good day if you have a needle in your hand!
I like to do as much as possible as I go along.  For me it is easier to sew the sashings on when I make the block, than to wait till the end and sew it all at once. There are certainly valid reasons to wait until the end, but this way is easier for me.  This way I can look and see what colors to use in the next row and things like that.  Well, that's the Brackman project for now.


Jill said…
Fabulous!!! It looks amazing so far, can't wait to see more!
Karen said…
A tiny block and well done.
Very inspiring but I need to resist!
Cheryl said…
Looking good. I like the way you have set the blocks.
Lisa said…
I told you you could catch up! They all look so great, too! I love the fabrics in your #6. I'm actually behind, at the moment, but I'm making blocks for a swap with a fast approaching deadline!

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