Brackman Civil War BOTW 7

I'm having fun with this BOTW now.  Went looking through my stash - not an organized one, I'm sad to say - and came up with two charm packets of Louisa by Terry Clothier Thompson for Moda.  So, that is what I used for this block.   I go to the Paducah Quilt Show every year and the last couple of years, Hancock's of Paducah has been having great deals on the charm packs.  Since I do miniature and sometimes small quilts, these packs are a favorite.  All the fun of looking at the prints and none of the storage issues.  (Well, there shouldn't be any storage issues!  I am currently in the process of trying to clean things out. As my son pointed out, I am always trying to clean things out.)  Anyway, this is a perfect project for using charms.  I notice one of the pieces in this block really doesn't look all that light, but I loved that paisley striped fabric and put it in there.
As for my other projects - not too much happening there.  I have been working on the tentative workshop project and will show it one of these days.  Since I am doing kits, writing the pattern and making the samples, it is pretty time consuming.
Till next time....


Taryn said…
Sheila, I like the way you post the photos of your blogs so that information is included. Do you mind telling me which program you use to do that? P.S. Tell your son to hush; we don't need the obvious pointed out to us. Besides, he's interfering with you trying to clean things out. :)

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