Works in Progress

I gathered up the things in progress and put them on my scanner.  They are: 
  • 1. A little leaf quilt out of 1930's fabrics that I am quilting. 
  • 2.  Some 1 inch spool blocks for a quilt that I am designing for a possible workshop.
  • 3.  The Brackman block for this week.  It is challenging in a 2" size.
  • 4.  The Mariner's Compass blocks, set in a square that will be trimmed later.
  • 5.  A little hexagon/star quilt.
Everything is antique fabrics except the spool blocks.  Those are 1930's reproductions.  I put a quarter in the mix so that you can get a sense of the size.  I am currently working on the spool quilt design and  workshop things, so everything else is on hold.  Oops, not the Brackman block.  I would like to get that done and trimmed!
Till next time, happy quilting to you all......


Jan said…
Oh, I especially love the six pointed stars set in color rings! They are all lovely, tho!
Miriam said…
Beautiful work, Sheila!
I love your 30's leaf quilt.
Kathie said…
all so I ever impressed with that star quilt no. 5, wow!!!!
love the colors , the mariners compass how cool would that be for the center of a medallion little quilt.
what patience you have to work this little.
Lisa said…
They are all wonderous, Sheila! I can't decide my favorite between 1 and 5. I was curious to see your BB #3 in miniature. It was the first thing that came to mind when I saw it!
I love miniature quilts! Yours are wonderful quilts! I have always enjoyed miniatures and would love it if you gave some tips!I am off to look at the Barbara Brackman blocks!
Becky in VA said…
After reading your nice comment on Barbara Brackmans C.W. blog, I came over to your site, and I'm so very impressed with your teeny tiny miniatures. Her blog is awesome in the ways it inspires us. Happy tiny stitching.


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