Civil War BOTW Block 2

Well, as promised, Barbara Brackman posted Block No. 2  here:
Above is my miniature version.  I decided to put up a tape measure so the viewer can get a sense of the size.  It will be 2" finished.  One of the biggest problems with miniatures is finding a fabric print that is scaled small enough for tiny blocks.  I was very pleased to find several antique quilt blocks with center pieces of the fabric I used for the background  in the above block.  You can imagine how small the scale is.  One of the star points appears to be a bit off, but it is actually o.k., as the seam is open at the end and the fabric moved a bit when I scanned it.  The common practice when hand piecing is not to cross any seam lines.  For clarity, think of it this way - mark a dot in each corner of the triangle and only sew dot to dot.  That means that all the seam allowances are free, unlike the way pieces are sewn together on a machine.
So far, so good.  We will see what next week brings in the way of a block from this series.


Lisa said…
Love, love, love your new blog look, Sheila, and especially the new header! Your block is awesome. I should have known you'd shrink it down. :)
Elyte said…
Wow, you have really taken on a challenge. Look forward to watching this project in miniature progress.
Elyte said…
Thank you for visiting my blog Sheila.
Last night a saw a copy of the book that Barbara wrote, Facts and Fabrications, and some more of the blocks that will be part of this project. I am looking forward to seeing how your little blocks turn out.

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