Here is Brackman Block 3 of the Civil War BOTW
A version of this block was in my previous post. I finished it and watched it pretty much fall apart when I tried to remove the paper I had used  - the stars were formed around a piece of paper.  The fabric was too fragile for all that silliness.  So, I made another. This is not really very good, but to be honest, I am pretty tired of this block, after making it twice. The brown fabric was a bit too thick for a good star - there's the quandary - thin fabric is too fragile and sturdy fabric is too thick.  Big sigh.   Maybe I will make another one,  but think I need a vacation from it for awhile!
Here is Block 4:

It went much better than the previous block.  Thank goodness.  Looks like I got it a bit crooked in the photo.  Oh well, it is hard to scan the little guys and keep them all neat and tidy.
Till next time.....


Cheryl said…
You have my utmost respect to even attempt the Seven Sisters at that size!! Looks wonderful to me.
Lisa said…
Oh Sheila! They both look great, but the 7 Sisters is amazing. What a feat. Pat yourself on the back if Vern hasn't already done it!

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