2011 brings a new blog from B. Brackman!

Can you believe it is 2011?
Did you see that Barbara Brackman has a new blog for the new year?  What a wonderful asset she has been to the quilting  world.  Her work has been invaluable to me when dating antique fabrics and matching them to  corresponding quilt styles.  My Portfolio Series would be at a loss without her books.  Now she has started a blog about the Civil War and will feature an 8" block a week for quilters to make.  Visit it here:
I thought I might follow along, but make it in miniature.  Here is my first 2" block:

This will be a different type project than my Portfolio Series - a bit bigger block and I'm not going to worry about dating the fabrics as much as I normally do.  This is going to be just for fun.  I don't know right now if I will have the fortitude to do all 52 blocks, but will give it a go.  We'll just have to see what next week brings.
Till next time...............
Sheila H.
Post script:  I had a question from Jill or Susan (I couldn't figure out how to tell which one) from the NW PA Quilt Study Group in the comments.  She asked if the 2" block above was really pieced by hand.  Yes, it was.  I actually find hand piecing to be the best way to do little blocks.  The antique fabric is nearly always fragile - some fabrics more than others - and the pieces are so small, not to mention I use a 1/8" seam allowance, that all things taken together, hand piecing is by far the easiest method.  Or at least, it is the easiest method for me.  While I am commenting on comments ...I was really thrilled to see that Barbara Brackman left a comment.  It was certainly nice of her to drop by and take the time to comment.  I am a huge admirer of her work and refer to her books all the time, so believe me when I say it was a thrill.


Good Luck Sheila. I'll keep you in mind as I struggle to get some of these down to 8"!
Jill said…
Your little 2" block is amazing and ohhh so cute! I can't wait to see more.
Your 2" block is incredible!!! I will be following the rest very closely. This was hand pieced???
Good heavens, I'm not surprised that BB left a comment; these 2" blocks are amazing.
Lurline said…
Great blog - I've enjoyed my little visit - hope to get back one day soon!
Hugs - Lurline♥

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