Elongated Hexagon Doll Quilt Clarification

Hi to all,
I see Lisa has sent some people my way.  Thanks - it's always nice to get some feedback.  Well, positive feedback, that is.
The previous post had a little doll quilt shown that was folded up on the shelf. My lack of photography skills made it look like it was composed of regular hexagons and it is actually elongated hexes, so here is a closer look at a section of it:
Again, my camera skills are limited, but think you can see now what it is.  I made this quilt some time ago and it was made from a pattern by Tina Gravatt.  She was a huge inspiration to me when I first started making little quilts.  We don't really agree on what to call them, though.  She refers to them as miniatures and I think of them more as doll quilts.  However, they are what they are no matter what you call them.  The term "miniature" is sort of a personal definition type thing, I suppose.  Where would you draw the line if you were making a small quilt?  At what point would a miniature morph into a doll quilt and how small would a doll quilt have to be to qualify for a miniature?  I don't know.  Doll quilts to me have larger pieces and are a lot more fun to quilt than what I consider miniatures.  Doll quilts are fun and rewarding to make and look darn cute in all sorts of settings.  Miniatures are intriquing and fun, but lots harder to do, it seems to me.  Just my thoughts on a very small subject, no matter what they are called.
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Cheryl said…
I agree. A 6" block is not miniature. However, how do you get a 1:12 ratio. I assume that would be a 12" block becoming a 1" block. Yikes. 1/8" finished units is as far as I can go and not often. 1/4" units are my favorites. Doing a log cabin block that way presently and could not imagine it going smaller! It is fun to talk to another miniature fanatic!
Sheila said…
Hi Cheryl,
Thanks for dropping by. A dollhouse miniature is on a scale of 12":1" - you are correct. An extremely difficult scale in which to work and not my cup of tea. If you are working with 1/4" pieces, that qualifies as a miniature to me! That is a wow! size for sure.
Sheila H.

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