About the quilt in the header photo.....

Hi to all,
Karen at Log Cabin Quilter blog left a nice comment the other day about the doll quilt and bed in my header photo. Visit her blog and you will get to view the nice primitive style quilt work she does.  
Back to the header photo - first of all it features the back end of one very nosy cat named Gizmo.  I inherited him when my father passed away.  We call him "The Giz" and he pretty much runs my life.  The doll bed was an inexpensive buy at an antique mall a long time ago. It is a large size and will accommodate a cat.  The quilt was made in 1997.  Back then you couldn't get all the repro fabrics that you find now and it was hard to find fabrics that had the look I wanted.  It is a miniature dresden plate made with templates and a pattern by Sharlene Jorgensen at Quilting from the Heartland.  (I just quickly went through her website and that set wasn't listed any more. They were probably discontinued. She has other miniature sets, though, so give it a look.) The blocks are 5 3/4" square.  You can see that The Giz was present for the photography session.
Sheila H.


Karen said…
The doll bed looks like it would be very expensive. It is just perfect for your quilt.
Lisa said…
Sheila, it's nice to see the other end of your boy. :) My cats use the doll furniture for themselves, too. It's really nice to see some of the quilts you've made through the years.
Quilt Hollow said…
I love your header and was glad to read this story behind it. Love that kitty cat too! Oh so pretty!!
I've just discovered your blog and become a follower...I quickly see I love your style!

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