Thrifting in the Kansas City Area

I love to check out thrift shops. You never know what you will find, that's for sure. Above is an accumulation of stuff from several trips. I don't need much modern fabric, but couldn't resist such good prices on a jelly roll and fat quarters crate. Plus, who can pass up inexpensive yarn? Not me!
We also found a couple of antique shops on the way back from Hamilton. A bundle of yellow feedsack pieces were priced very reasonably, and any solid colored ones are always wecome. Gizmo was attracted to the color - notice the similarity?
And more books! I was so happy to add the New York one to my state quilt book collection. It is all antique quilts from the state and not just the pattern by that name. The Kansas City Star Quilt book was a fun find, as we are in the area.
These are from a thrift store. I don't know if I will ever actually knit any socks, but it is fun to look at. The MaryJane's Ideabook*Cookbook*Lifebook is a good read. Don't think I would ever have paid the original $35.00 for it, but @$3.99, I couldn't pass it by. Something different to read.
And, now, the big find. A Bernina 930 Record Sewing Machine. I love all sewing machines and we have a collection of  true antique ones. My love extends to vintage ones as well. However, I have never had a Bernina of any age. So, it was a thrill for me to find this beauty for $40.00. It is hard to believe the way these machines from the 1980's have held on to their value. I had no idea what they were selling for on EBay until I got one and looked it up. Yikes! Broken ones sell for $300 and nice ones from $500 up. I am thrilled to have it. It is pictured just as we found it. I haven't cleaned it yet. One note: they call it a portable, but it weighs over 30#s in the case. Not portable as far as I'm concerned. We removed the top cover and it is clean as a whistle. We cleaned It anyway and oiled it.  It sews like a dream and the stitches are perfect. I found it just in time for my birthday, so it was a great birthday surprise.
I leave you with a photo of Gizmo peaking out the window. We were having snow the day I took the photo and it gave him something to watch.

Till next time....


OH Happy Birthday to you Sheila! And my yes, what wonderful finds. This machine looks very similar to my 820 Sport model which I bought new in 1986 for $750.00. It was the biggest purchase I ever made, and I have never regretted it. Enjoy all your wonderful birthday finds.
Jill said…
You found some goodies, didn't you!! Happy Birthday! I hope all is well with you and Vern. Sure missed seeing you this year. Looking forward to 2017 and hoping our paths will cross at one event or another. Have a Merry Christmas and New Year.
Jane said…
Hello Sheilia, this is my first time visiting your blog. What wonderful finds at your thrift stores. I've never seen jelly rolls at ours. I guess that sewing machine was meant to be yours. I'm jealous of your antique aebelskivver pan you show in a few posts back. I have a modern one, but would love to own a truly old one that has been used and loved! Have a wonderful week!

Laurel Levaggi said…
Congratulations on the Bernina 930! I bought mine new way back when and had to save and save and save to afford it. My friend teased me that other people carried pictures of their kids in their wallet.....I carried the brochure for the 930! It has been a wonderful machine and it is still the one I use all the time......I saw someplace where "they" called it a "workhorse" and it truly is.
You really had luck on your side to find such a treasure. Enjoy!
Congratulations on your great finds! Be careful if you decide to knit socks....once you start it's hard to stop!

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