A Gift for Gizmo

My first sewing project on my Bernina is a mouse toy for the Giz. It is made out of recycled wool and stuffed with thrift store wool roving and catnip.
He had just come in and was tired. Too tired to play, but not willing to turn loose of the new toy.
I got the pattern from this book:
I bought this last year at a Dollar Tree store. I don't know if they are in every state, but they are in most of the towns around here. This is a giant book with 511 pages. A bargain for $1.00.  I just checked on Amazon and you can get a spiral bound edition in the used book section for .49 cents plus about $4 for shipping. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to link to it using my kindle.  The title is "Christmas all through the house" by Gooseberry Patch. Anyway, Gooseberry Patch books are not in depth craft books, but you can find some cute and fast projects. It is also full of recipes, which unfortunately I can't eat, but sometimes they inspire me to make up something with ingredients I can eat.
`Well, that's about it for now. Is everyone ready for Christmas? 
Till next time.....


Jane said…
Very cute! Bet your kitten loves it. Love those Gooseberry Patch books. Sometimes you just need to make something fun and quick.

Jill said…
Cute mouse. Gizmo is one lucky cat! Not ready for Christmas yet, but will be by sometime on Christmas Eve. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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