A Trip to Hamilton, Missouri and the Missouri Star Quilt Co.

We went to see all the wonderful shops in Jenny Doan's domain. It did not disappoint! She has a main street full of quilt shops. I was immediately in quilt over-load.

The first shop we entered was lovely. We were greeted with this display. She is famous for her you tube videos and this is a reference to her latest. The shop was light and airy.
I can't really remember which photo came from which shop, but it really doesn't matter, because if you find yourself in Hamilton, you will visit all of them! This shows a display of Sizzix items. I am a big fan of them and have had one version or another for years.
Another shop with a Sizzix  display.
Think this was their sewing machine shop.
A shop featuring every solid colored fabric known to mankind. This is just one section.
All the displays were fun, but I particularly enjoyed all the antique sewing machines. They were everywhere.
Another fun display.
The floral fabric shop had a cute display of fabrics in florist buckets.
This was the Daily Deal on Saturday. One came home with me.
Notions in the Sewing Machine shop.

This display featured some sweet little aprons.

This is what followed me home. The Wool Shop had yarn as well as fabrics, but the photo I took was blurry, so no point in posting it. I bought three skeins of Kitchen Cotton for dishcloths. Got a charm pack of some Mary Koval fabrics and half a yard of some hex fabric by Bonnie and Camille for Moda. I don't have any plans for either of them. I just liked them. Finally bought the tote size Foldaway by Omnigrid. It's been on my list to buy for a long time. That's all the biggies.
Last, to Jill, Wendy and Barbara - thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Jill, hope to see you next year.  Wendy, thanks for the "insider" info on the aebleskiver pan. And a welcome to Meredith who left a comment. If you want to discuss The Autoimmune Protocol Diet that I follow, feel free to email me any time. I would love to share photos of my studio, but I am not home right now. In addition to that, it is a hot mess! It needs some serious work. I am sad to say that it is currently impossible to walk through it, much less work in it. However, you have inspired me to get it in shape when I get back.
Till next time......


Oh my! I have never been to Missouri, but my friend Karen Love the Missouri Star website and shops there a lot. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos. Best to you for a great holiday season.
Karen said…
We had an article in our newspaper here in Florida about how the quilt shops have revitalized downtown in Hamilton.
Jill said…
It looks like you had a good time on your roadtrip. I love my smaller Omnigrid Foldaway. It sits on my lab with my hand piecing projects, while I stitch. And, I take it on road trips as well. Very handy. I hope you have a Merry Christmas. Take care my dear friend. Say hi to Vern!!

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