How about a Year of Doll Quilts!

 Well, as mentioned before on this blog, my sewing room is in dire need of organizing.  A weak attempt at that very thing uncovered a pile of doll quilts.  Instead of continuing with the task at hand, I thought, Hey how about a year of quilts!  A simple calendar was needed around here, so I decided to make one.  You will get to see my progression in quilt making.  So, some of the workmanship will be a little lacking.  Quilters have approached me about helping them make miniatures and I try to get them to start with doll quilts.  These quilts are fun, easy and pleasing and you have to perfect your skills on something.  Doll quilts fit the bill.  The one above is from early in my career and you can tell it.  Back then, there were not a lot of reproduction fabrics on the market and you had to work at creating an old look. This series will also include antique doll quilts from my collection. 
Although it is a little late, click on the image above and print out for January. 
Edit:  I'm trying to get the image to print out a little better.  May take awhile, but I couldn't test it prior to posting. 
Edit again:  This is as good as I can get the image.  Hope you like it.  Let me know if it works for you.


What a neat idea, Sheila! The calendar looks terrific! You did a great job on it. And what a treat it will be to see one of your little quilts each month! I adore your Applecore quilt. Exquisite work as always. And thank you for treating us to this year of little quilts!
Karen said…
Good idea. I can't print it right now. I need a new color ink cartridge. But soon.
Kimme said…
Thanks Sheila, what a wonderful and generous idea. I look forward to seeing some of your antique doll quilts.
Dawn said…
How fun!! Thanks for sharing with us.

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