An 1870's Doll Quilt

In between Christmas and New Year's, we drove to Louisville, Kentucky for their annual Flea Market and Antique Show.  We hadn't been there for probably ten years or more.  The weather was good, so we made the three and a half hour drive.  It wasn't disappointing.  I came home with the above doll quilt for $25.  I can't resist them for that price.  This one is sweet, with a nice little print backing.  It shows wear, but the amount that I consider charming.  I was pleased.
Speaking of weather, it is currently minus 2 degrees here, with some snow on the ground.  My cat Gizmo is bored out of his mind.  I bring him to the studio and that helps some.  In fact it is because of him that we call it "the studio."  He seems to understand what you are saying and he is always ready to make the trip from the house.  I read a blog once and someone thought using the word "studio" was a bit grandiose for a sewing room.  Maybe it is, but to me it always just meant a separate building.  I have, however, seen some pretty grandiose studios - well, photos of them anyway.  That is not the case here.  If I ever get it cleaned up, I will post some photos.
Well, keep your needles threaded.
(Do you know what O.N.T. stands for?  It is "Our New Thread.")
Till next time............


Jill said…
What a great little quilt!! I made a quilt using this pattern for my second son. It was called Stacked Bricks. I love this pattern, because it makes me think of him.
The cold weather is heading this way, the temps keep dropping and school is closed tomorrow. Not much snow though.
Keep warm!
Lady Locust said…
Oooh, keep warm. Hope you have a cozy fire place and a cup of hot tea or cocoa handy:) I too have a weekness for doll quilts. What a find ~ a beauty.
Oooh, you snagged another little cutie that I'm envious of! And $25? A steal! Enjoy! My "studio" definitely is not grandiose at the present time, but I have plans...

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