NWPA Group Picnic

Above is one of the NWPA ladies, Jill.  A state rep. came to the group's annual picnic and presented her with a Citation for participating and winning in a quilt contest.  It also acknowledged her community work.  She is a lovely person and should be proud of herself for receiving this honor.  Way to Go, Jill!
The picnic was held at Judith's lovely home and studio and she is so gracious and fun, you just automatically love her.  Donna Stickovich at Quilting on the Mon was the guest speaker and she brought antique quilts and tops for us to study.  Following are photos of some of them, but no comments. You can visit Donna's blog and I am sure you will find info on all of them.

It was a wonderful day.  Thank you to Judith and her group.
Till next time............


Jan said…
What fun! I really like your header, too :)
ann hermes said…
how can ypu not have a good time with so many gorgeous quilts to look at. Donna has a wonderful collection.
Jill said…
We were so glad you could attend our picnic. What a great time!

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