A new McCord - Yippee

You know how it is - sometimes there is nothing in your quilt life to blog about and sometimes there is an overload.  Lots to write about, but I settled on this news - there is a new McCord Quilt.  Click on the side of my blog onto Barbara Brackman's blog and as they say: Read All About It! The new museum acquisition features Mrs. McCord's famous leaf vines.  Long ago, I came across this little postcard book:
(Yes, I like little books, too.)  At the time,  I didn't realize how famous she was, but I loved her quilts.  Two of my miniatures were inspired by two of her full size quilts:

Next time a post about a lovely quilting picnic with my Pennsylvania friends.....


Karen said…
It is always inpspiring to see your miniature quilts.
Always a joy to see your miniature wonders, Sheila! I especially love the Field of Diamonds quilt.

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