Not a finish!

I received an email from Jenny in England asking me a few questions about the B. Brackman Civil War Quilt.  I kept up fairly well for awhile, but after sewing it together, I never got around to adding any borders and put it away. It is taped to the back of a door and it is not a great photo, but there it is.   Jenny mentioned that she couldn't find a blog post for Blocks 5 and 40.  Well, so much for being organized!  At the beginning of the project, I played around with 2 inch blocks and antique fabric.  I changed my mind and went with 4" blocks and Moda fabrics (all designed by Barbara Brackman, of course). So, it took me awhile to get my blog posts straightened out, and apparently I didn't do a scan and post of Block 5.  It is one of the blocks shown below in the first row, but I don't know which one:
As for Block 40, I guess it was ready to post, but never got there!  Here it is:
I'll keep you posted, if I ever finish it!
Till next time..........


Sheila said…
Hi Sheila, Block 5 was "Kansas Troubles" the second in from the left in your pic. I have been waiting to see your finished quilt.your work is stunning

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