Quilt Show Treasures

Here is a rather pale photo of some of the things I bought at the Paducah Quilt Show this year.

1.  Vintage Textile Soak.  I use this on fabrics that are too stained to use as is.  Sometimes it is successful and sometimes it isn't. 
2.  Hobb's Heirloom Fusible Cotton Batting.  This is my batting of choice for the Portfolio Series Quilts.  They are so small, they don't lend themselves to using a hoop for quilting.  The fusible helps to stabilize them.  I do not know the long term effects of using a fusible batting. 
3. and 6. are the same print in different colorways.  They are feed sacks.  It is extremely difficult to find small scale prints in feed sacks.  If I ever see any, I buy them.  These are cheater's cloth as well, which I admit is a weakness of mine.  It is odd that a quilt piecer is drawn to cheater's cloth, but I am, although I wouldn't hesitate to cut them up and use them.  These feature prints that are fairly small. 
4.  Two more feed sacks in a very small print.  I don't know what to call it.  Sort of a cross between a check and a dot.  Again, the same print in two different colors.  What looks like a nondescript  print in full scale will translate to a very usable print in miniatures.  Making a  miniature for this series out of feed sacks has long been on my list of things to make.
5.  Some 1840's buff and blue pieces salvaged from a quilt.  This is not the same fabric that I used in the Bethlehem Star Quilt, but it is from the same vendor as the blue and yellow fabrics in that quilt.  I rarely pass up any fabric from that era.
Look who had to hog the camera. 

Well, we are having computer issues.  Our little Dell laptop is starting to freeze up and do odd things. My husband managed to get it going again, but we're pretty sure it is going to quit altogether.  If I am absent from blogging for awhile, you will know what happened.
Till next time...........


Jill said…
Looks like you made-out very well at Paducah.
Call me crazy but I am drawn to "cheater cloth" fabric as well...I always think about how I can cut it apart and have so many different fabrics for piecing.

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