Miniature Garden

Quilts aren't the only miniatures around here!  If you read my blog, you know my husband and I are currently in a tiny apartment - 600 square feet.  That is pretty small.  You are probably thinking "it's a good thing she makes miniature quilts!"  Yes, it is.  Each apartment has a 1 foot x 4 foot planter on the ground.  One of my neighbors assured me it was all right to dig up what was in there and plant what we wanted.  I hope she was right.  We went with a little herb garden with a cherry tomato plant on a pyramid style trellis in the back.  We are hoping they all receive enough sunshine to grow.  We got the cutest little signs for the herbs, but don't know if they show up or not.  Well, that is it for my day.  Will get back to quilts soon.  I forgot - isn't that an  old-fashioned looking watering can?  It was a pleasant find at our local Walmart.
Till next time.........


Your herb garden is the perfect size--- easy to weed and more time to quilt!

Have a wonderful weekend.

:) Carolyn
Karen said…
600 sq feet is not a very big apartment. And yes, I can see that miniature quilts are the best for you given the space you have. Otherwise, you would have to give away each quilt you made.
What a lovely little herb garden! Fun plant signs, too! How nice that all the apartments have such a handy in-the-ground planter. When I was in my apartment, I was so excited that the previous tenant left little windowboxes. I remember planting herbs and portulaca in them!

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