1870's Doll Quilt

Here is a sweet little quilt that we found Monday at an antique show. It is nicely hand pieced, but the machine quilting got a little strange.  It caused the quilt to get very wonky.  The quilt is on a black felt covered board that I just made.  It is for taking photos of my miniatures and we just pinned this little quilt to it.  Needless to say, the rectangular felt covered board is very close to perfectly true.  You can see how much the quilt varies on the left side.  It is also showing lots of wear, but then a doll quilt should.  I like to think that some little girl played with this little quilt and her doll a lot.  I love the fabrics in this quilt and is there anything sweeter than a nine-patch block?  I don't think so. 
Till next time............


What a little gem! I can why you love it. I'm glad it found its way to a good home. It sounds like it was well-loved by some little girl long ago.
Jill said…
Oh yes...I must agree...I think 9-patch quilts are just so endearing...so simple, but just so sweet!
Have a great day. Love the little quilt!
Susie said…
What a lucky find for you!
Jan said…
What a lucky find! It is sweet.
Taryn said…
It is so cute. I love nine patches AND red and green so this one is a gem in my book. I am sure you will enjoy it.
Dawn said…
What a fabulous find! I think the 'shape' makes it just all the more special. Everything about it - 9-patch on point, colors, sashing...just wonderful.
Thank you for sharing.
Kathie said…
what a beautiful quilt
OH My nine patches, my favorite and red and green! what could get better. the quilt was well loved I am sure
thanks for sharing.
I think you found a treasure for sure.
Darling little treasure Sheila!

Just think the doll stories this little quilt could share with us... if only it could talk.

My favorite colors too!!

Carolyn :)
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