Paducah Quilt Show Story

We are planning on spending next week in our southern Illinois home.  I really miss that little place.  We are also planning on spending some time at the Paducah Quilt Show.  Yippee.  I have spent the past weeks trying to help myself to feel better and this week will be devoted to planning and cooking.  We never eat out because of my problems, so that means a lot of effort goes into traveling.

About the above photo - my husband has always gone with me to the quilt show and I have never had to worry about driving, parking and things like that.  However, in 2009, he couldn't go with me and I headed out alone.  He gave me strict instructions to get there before the show opened or no parking spaces would be available.  Well, I had to go to Hancock's first and wound up heading to the quilt show somewhat late - imagine that!  The parking people said well, there might be about four or five spaces left and I would have to really work to find them.  Yikes.  To my surprise, I pulled in and right in front of the entrance was a spot!  Ha.  An unbelievable happening.  I had to take a photo, as I was sure Vern wouldn't believe me.  The best spot ever!

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sosarahsew said…
I've never been to the Paducah show before, but this year 12 of us are going together and sharing a rental house for the week! We are excited about the trip. I'm sure you will enjoy "old home" week as well.
Karen said…
I have never gone to the Paducah show though I have gone to the museum. I have heard so much about the crowds and closeness in the display buildings. Not something I want to deal with. I do enjoy the pictures everyone shows afterwards, though.
You are so lucky to get to go to Paducah! Wish I was going but alas, not this year. I'm so glad you found a choice parking spot. That was quite a lucky break! It's so nice of your husband to help you out with the parking and driving.
Jill said…
Oh how I wish I was going to Paducah this year. Last year was my first time and since it was so different, due to the flooding, I would love to experience it as it usually is....maybe next year. Have fun!
Sister Stoll said…
I have never been to Paducah but it is on my list of things to do someday. Have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures.

Hi, love your blog. I found you over at Barbara Brackman's CW blog. Love how you are framing and journaling about your blocks! Would you mind sharing what software you are using for that? Thanks!

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