Did you have a nice Easter?

Happy belated Easter greetings to everyone in blog land.  We had a lovely weekend weather-wise in the Cleveland area.  Hope your weather was nice and so was your day
I haven't been blogging because I have been under the weather.  My auto-immune system is impaired and when the seasons change, I get sick.  I guess it is just extra stress or something, who knows?  So, I haven't been getting much of anything done.  I did clean out a kitchen drawer that used to hold all of Gizmo's gluten and corn laden treats and foods.  He got in the empty drawer and actually licked the bottom of it.  How sad is that?  He is eating his new special hypo-allergenic foods, but only when he gets so hungry he can't hold out any longer.
Here he is licking his chops.  If you click on it you can see his tongue. 

Onto commenting on the comments you left on the last post:

Jill - you always take the time to leave a nice comment.  Thanks!  How is your miniature coming? I am working on a post about how I layer my miniatures for quilting, etc. Think it may help you in the future.

Kimber - we probably spend more on special cat food than we do on people food, if you figure out the price per pound!

Lisa - so one of your kitty cats weighs in at 22#s.  Wow.  That's impressive.  I am sure Gizmo didn't approve of a comparison to a Pomeranian. 

Kathie - I visited your link to the reproduction quilt top you made.  Yes, it is very similar to the antique one your friend has and the antique one I have.  Your repro skills are right on!  Way to go.

Till next time.......


Judy Dietrich said…
Hello Sheila, I have been following your blog--found it when I was going through Stray Threads & other blogs. I am sorry you are not feeling well--hope you get over it soon. Weather changes tend to mess up my body too, so I know how you are feeling. Just wanted to tell you that you gave me the confidence to cut into my antique fabrics I have been collecting & actually make a quilt out of them!! I love miniatures & have really enjoyed your quilts you have made. I am glad they will be saved for future generations!! Have a nice week Judy
Poor Gizmo! Looks like he misses his old cat treats. Sorry to hear you have been under the weather. With things flowering so early in this unseasonably warm weather, I find my allergies are acting up more than usual. Hope you feel better soon!
Jill said…
Well, after too long of a wait, I am ready to mark some fabric and cut out some pieces. I had my son take one of the cardstock templates I copied from the one you sent, and make me plastic templates in CAD class. They are so cute and perfect. Good thing his teacher doesn't mind. This is the second son to make templates for me in CAD. As a matter of fact, because of my desire for exact templates, I have aided in the production of CAD designs.
The students entered a competition this year, making windmills. The teacher was looking for some type of flexible material that would not tear for the blades of the windmills. He found an old scrap of template plastic my oldest son had left behind. He remembered I used it for quiting, went to JoAnn's and found just what they needed. Quilting saved the day and many windmill blades were made.
With any luck I will get my first test block cut and stitched together this weekend....I hope!

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