The Yo-Yo Group of Paducah

What do the Yo-Yo Ladies and stash reduction have to do with each other?  Ahh, it is a long story.....
Go back to last month and the Rotary Club Show in Paducah.  I was standing in line waiting to get in to the show, and not being shy, started chatting with the two ladies behind me.  I didn't know it at the time, but it was two members of the internationally famous Yo-Yo Group of Paducah.  There are a total of 4 ladies: Pat Lewis (on the right in the photo above), Virginia Hancock, Charlotte Roberts, and Anita Manning.  When the group formed in 1998 there were six of them, but sadly, two have passed away.  They told me who they were and during our conversation it came up that they have raised a staggering sum of money for charity.  To date it is $66,000!  These women are truly amazing.  I asked them if they took donations of fabrics and supplies and Pat said something like oh yes, we have to have donations, otherwise all the money would go for supplies.  Ladies, I said, I can help you!  Here's my part of this saga - we are moving.  We spent 25 years in one spot in KY and moved to IL a couple of years ago and sigh oh sigh, we are moving again!  We have some how turned into roving people.  How did that happen?  One word: employment.   Confession time here:  I am a pack rat of fabric, batting, craft stuff in general and it is way past time to clear it all out.  In the photo above you see the second load of fabric (some batting thrown in)  that we have delivered to Pat.  Yes, it is a huge amount.  And no, you probably don't hoard fabric like that.  Although, some of you probably do, truth be told. Our SUV was full both times.  No, I don't know the yardage.  Do I feel better now? Yes. Do I still have fabric?  Yes.  Could I part with more?  Probably. A small word for my defense - I used to make kits and BOM kits for a quilt shop and I supplied all the fabrics, etc. for them.  However, I had way more fabric than necessary.  That is the story of my stash reduction.
The saga will continue with Pat, Gerald Roy and the Portfolio Collection.  Till next time....


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