Appraisal Day with Gerald Roy

Above is a photo of Gerald Roy looking at the 12 miniature quilts I brought to the National Quilt Museum for him to appraise.  If you look closely you will notice white batting sticking out of one of the quilts.  It is the Mariner's Compass and it is one of two that aren't finished.  The other one is the Hex/Star.  He said that wasn't a problem, as he would assume they would be finished in the manner of the others.  Just let me say that Gerald was gracious, polite, and informative.  He was everything and more that you would expect from such a quilt expert.  He was very kind to me and my husband.
Above is a photo of Pat Lewis, Gerald Roy and me.  Go back to the quilt show and me standing in line and chatting with two of the Yo-Yo Group.  I was holding my portfolio and Pat asked me what was in it.  I told her it was my miniature quilts and I brought them to show to one of the vendors - that's another story for another day- Pat asked if she could see them and I said sure.  About that time the doors opened and we went in, went to the bathroom and put the portfolio on the Baby Changing Station and Pat immediately became my biggest fan.  She asked me to bring them to the Museum the next day.  My husband and I did and she proceeded to make everyone look at them.  She introduced us to Gerald and we asked him to appraise them and he said he would, but would really like to do them as a collection.  So, we met Pat on appraisal day, gave her some more fabric for the Yo-yo Group and we had lunch.  We always have to bring our own food as discussed before, but we had fun.  We asked Pat to come to the appraisal since she was really the reason it all was happening and she did.  It was a great day.  We were not disappointed in what Gerald had to say. The official paperwork will arrive sometime soon. 
Till next time.......


Taryn said…
I would love the chance to see your collection in person! They looked good from afar.
Karen said…
I was wondering if you got the appraisal results. I don't see that on your blog.

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