Mariner's Compass Blocks

Here's an update on the miniature compass blocks.  Just got them all trimmed. That was a scary proposition.  I decided to trim them so that the background at the centers of the  blocks won't show when they are sashed.  That meant leaving only 1/8" seam allowance at those points.  That's when you really hope you don't slip because there just isn't any room for error.  If you mess up, you scrap the whole block and start again.  I am glad it is over and as far as I know right now, they are all o.k.  Whew.  I like to have one miniature quilt that is being quilted at all times.  I finished my Little Leaf Quilt and didn't have a quilt waiting, so stopped other things and started up on the compass blocks again.  About the quilting - it is not my favorite part of making a miniature and I have to force myself to quilt them.  Of course it is always a happy day when one is quilted and bound.  I will be showing the leaf quilt one of these days.
Post script:  Thank you for the nice comments.  Karen asked about the fabric in one block in particular.  All the long points of the compass were fussy cut.  Sometimes it made it appear as though more than one fabric was  used per point,  but that was not the case.  I apologize for a fuzzy photo.  I just hold my camera up horizontally above my work table and snap a picture - not the best way to do it. The green fabric, the center fabric, the background wedge shape fabric and the background fabric were the same for all blocks.  The tiny piece at the base of the green points is the same in all the blocks, but looks different because it was fussy cut and gives the appearance of being  totally different fabrics.  (That may not show up in the photo.) The blocks finish at 2 5/8".  Think that's about it for now.


Cheryl said…
Your miniature work is amazing!
Michelle said…
I wouldn't even attempt these in a larger size. You are amazing!
Meredith said…
Well they are very pretty when I saw the photo then I read they were miniature I thought wow. Your could always send me the blocks you want to scrap and I will appliqué them. LOL. :)
Kathie said…
just soooo pretty.
wow. I am in awe, your work is just incredible.
how you can work that small I am still trying to figure out!
Love those blocks! Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

Jill said…
Wonderful, just amazing. Can't wait to see the leaf quilt and these blocks in a quilt!
Karen said…
I am very impressed with these little Mariner's blocks. The one in the lower left hand part of the picture looks like the long points are composed of two fabrics. I am assuming this is just the design from the fabric. Am I wrong?

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