Brackman #10 and update

Barbara Brackman is always right on time posting her blocks for the Civil War Block of the Week!  What a fun little project this is turning out to be for me.  One of the tricky parts of reduced size blocks is apparent in my block this week.  I didn't pay any attention when I cut out the large dark print triangles.  In this photo you would think I used 2 different prints, as the light flowers show up in the bottom 2 triangles, but not so much in the top 2.  I decided to just leave them.
The update part is here:
Just snapped a quick photo of the Little Leaf Quilt in progress.  Finished the quilting and am sewing on the binding.  The first side is sewn down and thought it looked funny, as the binding stands up.  Well, it is funny now - can't say it was all that fun to do.  Hope to post a photo of the finished quilt soon.


Karen said…
Looking forward to seeing the finished applique quilt.
I like how you post the block and info on what looks like a fancy card.

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