Brackman 12 ...a little late

Hi to all,
It's been awhile since I posted.  We have been busy traveling on weekends.  As previously mentioned, I have major digestive issues.  There are lots of foods that must be avoided:  any grains, corn, sugar, most chemical additives, etc.  This means that I have to make every meal, dessert and snack that we consume for however many days we are gone from home.  In turn that means that I have to work for a couple of days to just get ready to travel.  It's a time consuming process.  Soooo, I am behind in my projects.  This coming weekend we will be on the road again.  It is the third weekend in a row and it is getting tiring for me.  It is just coincidence that it happened three weekends in a row.  Last weekend I gave a lecture on Miniature Quilt Making Tips at the Rising Sun, Indiana Quilt Fest..  The lecture seemed to be well received and it was fun for me to give it.  This quilt fest is a testament to the huge amount of work a small group of women can accomplish.  The local historical society, quilting guild  and a doll making guild all cooperated to put on a show and luncheon that was greatly enjoyed by all who attended.  Good job ladies!
If you are new to my blog, I post photos of my miniatures from time to time and actually hope to get more of that done in the future.  Every week I try to post the Brackman block from the Civil War Block of the Week presented by Barbara Brackman on her Civil War Blog here:
She has generously decided to share not only a block every week, but a piece of history to go with it.  I am making my blocks in a 4" size, but the normal size is 8".  Join in if you would like.  Mine are hand pieced and are very portable to work on, so will take them this weekend and hope to get the first two rows done and sewn together.  The fun thing about hand piecing is that even two rows will fit in a ziplock along with all the items needed to sew:  needle, thread, thimble and scissors.  It is easier to pack a project than it is to pack all the meals!
Well, that's about it for now.  Till next time....


Jill said…
I wish I lived closer...I would have enjoyed attending your lecture on Miniature quilt making tips. Always a joy to see your blocks.

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