A Miniature Quilt

For a change of pace today, one of my miniature quilts is shown above. (I put a 12" ruler up so you can get an idea of scale.) This is the latest one in a series of miniatures made entirely of antique fabrics. The inspiration for this one came from a photo in the magazine style book The Twentieth Century's Best American Quilts Celebrating 100 Years of the Art of Quiltmaking. The inspiration quilt is named Stairway to Heaven, or at least that is what it is called in the afore-mentioned magazine. The original quilt was made by an unknown Amish quilt maker, circa 1930, probably in Ohio. It took me a long time to acquire the appropriate vintage/antique fabrics to make this miniature. The backing is a brown sateen. I don't know what the original backing for the inspiration quilt was, but there is documentation of the use of sateen for backings in the Midwest. My miniature is 13" x 15.5" with a .125" finished binding. It was hand pieced and hand quilted with the binding applied by hand. I hope to show more quilts here from time to time.
Sheila H.


dutchanne58 said…
Wow, it's gorgeous!
Kathie said…
this is just beautiful
wow is it small! I wouldn't have known with out the ruler!
thanks for sharing,
Karen said…
I have enjoyed looking at all the miniatures.
Jan said…
I've thought for years that this would make a dynamite doll or crib sized quilt. I love yours!

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