Above is a very poor photo of a starling heading towards my studio window. We have snow and frigid temps. and for some reason, the starlings keep flying into not only my studio windows, but the house windows as well. The snow aparently has them disoriented. I guess when your house and studio sit in the middle of your small prairie, you are a target for crazed birds. About my photo skills - I have none. Followed closely by having no computer skills. I have tried and tried to change the photos and text problem in the last posting. Oviously, I don't know how to do it. Oh, these computers! We all have a real love/hate relationship with them, don't we? Well, dear reader, you will just have to overlook these kind of things in my blog.

For my cousin, here is a link to a healthy Spanish Rice Recipe. It was strictly a coincidence that I came across it today after our phone conversation yesterday. The recipe is posted on a great healthy style blog, so check it out. And, by the way, some Spanish Rice does sound pretty good. But I have already made chicken livers (recipe from the aforementioned Nourishing Traditions book) and a gluten free Gingerbread cake (a Carol Fenster recipe) to be served with some jazzed up Lemon Curd (from the Homespun Living blog that is on my blogroll). The jazzed up part is that I mixed it with yogurt cream.

Happy weekend to all,

Sheila H.


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