A new blog for a new year!

Encouraged by my friend Sandy, I have decided to take up blogging again. In the past year, we have physically moved, my email address has changed and I could only figure out how to post to my old blog -
by registering myself as a guest author. I thought that was o.k., but then I couldn't figure out how to change my layout or anything, so thought it was time for a new blog as well as a new address.
When I started my old blog, it was going to be only about cats and quilts, so hence the name. Then I got sick. Really sick. Everything but the cats got put on hold as I struggled to figure out what in the world was wrong with me. Sandy, mentioned above, thinks I should share what I have learned about health and nutrition and that someone may be helped by this. Without the internet and the generosity of people who were willing to share their knowledge and experiences, I would not be writing this today.
That is not to say that there won't be postings about quilts and cats - I certainly hope there will be, as well as lots of other stuff.
Well, that is all for the maiden voyage of this new blog.
Sheila H.


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