My Work Station

This is a lap station designed to be used with laptop computers. I use it for hand piecing. I can put a Kindle in the slot at the back. Sometimes I download a movie or television show during the night (we pay for high speed internet, but we are at the very edge of the service zone and we get a slow service) and I can watch it while I sew the next day. Plus it is handy for looking something up on the net or checking my email. There are two padded arm rests at the front edges that I stick my needle in while clipping threads. I took the photo with everything sitting on the table, but I actually sit it on my lap while sitting on my loveseat with my legs up on a footstool. As you can see, my pieces are kept in ziplock bags to avoid losing them. The block shown on the right is just a sample block. The hardest part of making a miniature quilt for me is the hand quilting. The sample is for trying different quilting ideas. More about this project on another day.
Other things - Karen asked if I liked the book Indigo Quilts. Yes, I like it very much. There are 30 featured antique quilts, 5 of which have patterns and instructions. The applique patterns are full size, which is a nice plus. There is also a history of the indigo dye itself.  So, for me, it is a perfect book. As amazing as the red and white quilt show in New York was, I have to say that my heart has always belonged to indigo and white quilts.
Till next time......


Now that is a tiny work station! I always look forward to your latest creation. Hope all is well!
Jill said…
Glad to see some tiny piecework on your work space. I like to have some type of solid surface on my lap with I hand piece. I like the idea of having your Kindle handy. I usually need something to if not watch at least listen to when piecing and/or quilting. Having my that Kindle handy wouldn't require me to keep looking up at the TV.
Take care and say I to Vern!
Janet O. said…
Very smart little work station. Can't believe your tiny piecework!
Karen said…
Good idea to use the computer work station for your needlework. I cannot sit with my feet on a footstool since my back problems set in. I sit in a chair with a good size tray pulled up to me and balance a firm sofa pillow on my lap. I have pins stuck in the pillow. I am wondering if I could use one of the computer stations like you have.

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