A Trip to Paducah

First stop-Hancock's of Paducah.
One small section of fabrics.
One small section of patterns.
What came home with me. Notice the white base in the upper right? It is a little collapsible LED light. Our electricity was off for awhile, so I used the little light. It collapses to a flat rectangle and fits in the box shown. Think it will be great for the camper.
Same stuff, light on the other side.
The Yo-Yo Ladies quilting at the National Quilt Museum.
Another view.
A poorly lit photo of Judy  Schwender.
She is the curator of collections and registrar at the museum.
I bought this book and the tiny 25 year anniversary pin at the museum quilt store.

A peak inside.
And last, but not least, a purchase from Hancock's. The new issue of Quiltmania. It has a new feature with Gerald Roy.
In this issue he writes about crib and doll quilts. It is a wonderful article.
I made a couple of other stops at favorite places, but they weren't quilt related.
Before I sign off, thanks to those of you who stopped by a left comments. You are the reason why people love quilters! 
Till next time......


Karen said…
What do you think of the Indigo Quilts book?
Lady Locust said…
Oooh how lucky you are! It's on my bucket list:)
It sounds like you had a fun trip! Always good to acquire new loot. Hope you are feeling fine!
Jill said…
What a nice trip. Some new fabrics, not "old" new fabrics. You must have some plans for those......always love seeing what you will be making next. Tell Vern Hi!

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