Jill's Quilt for the 1825 Challenge

Here is a photo of Jill and her challenge quilt.  She was kind enough to email it to me. (People have requested pics.)  I have to say that both Jill and her quilt are prettier in person.  I love this quilt.  She used the fabrics to their best advantage, in my opinion. The small inner border next to the flying geese gives a real sense of movement to the quilt when you see it in person.  She can be proud of this piece.
Well, this is short and sweet.  We are getting ready to take another trip with our camper and today is pack the camper day.
Till next time......


Jill said…
Have fun camping. I wish our camper wasn't put away already for the winter. I would like to go on one more trip before the weather turns too cold.
As always, you are too kind....thanks for the high praise on my quilt.
Karen said…
Thank you for sharing the picture. A very well done piece.
WoW! Now I know why you were surprised when she didn't win. It is sensational. I had difficulty using the fabrics in this line as they are NOT my colors. Jill did a fantastic job with fabric and color placement. What an inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing this with those of us that didn't attend this year. Love it! Have fun camping!

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